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MAE is a place where beautiful things are conceived, developed and created.


Designed with care and easy to wear, MAE clothes and accessories are handmade in a big family of women, for women who need to feel comfortable but at the same time elegant and stylish.


             Each piece embodies the quality of handcrafted products, made with care and dedication.

MAE is an unconventional, ethical and sustainable style.

It represent the awareness, the will and  the pleasure of being able to build your own space,

piece by piece.


It is not the body that has to adapt to the clothes that force and deform it, it is rather the dress that molds itself to the body, enhancing its forms and its character.

Because each body is unique and special in its own way.


Soft and flexible like women's shapes, MAE's fluid textiles and simple lines come together in a one-of-a-kind models, to wrap the bodies in a soft embrace.

Every item is made on demand, on available models. 

There are no pre-packaged sizes but a medium size that easily adapts to different bodies. 

Each one is unique, sustainable, exclusive, handmade. 








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